Aloha Shirt Beach Fashion Tips

Finding the perfect aloha shirt to fit your personality and have the latest beach fashion style is a challenge for many Hawaiian shirt lovers. Unless you travel to a tropical destination in the Caribbean or out in the Pacific Ocean such as Hawaii then you may have trouble discovering new styles. Luckily the internet has brought many local Hawaiian shops online so that you can find amazing selection and styles of aloha shirts.Picking an Aloha Shirt StoreNumerous stores carry aloha shirt styles but several may not meet your expectations or over inflate the price. It is a good idea to look for stores that have been online for a while and if you can confirm they have a retail location in Hawaii then you have a much better chance of getting authenticate aloha shirts. There are a number of hawaiian clothing stores online so you shouldn’t have trouble locating one. You will also want to check that there is a customer service page with contact information; even better is a toll free number posted at the top of every page so you never have to dig for a way to reach a real person. Finally check the shipping options to make sure the shipping and handling charges are not too high. Many merchants will offer a low price on aloha shirt clothing but then charge high shipping to make up for price. Several online clothing stores offer flat rate shipping or free shipping on certain size orders; this is a good sign the company does not inflate shipping.Aloha Shirt StylesOnce you locate a great online store for your Hawaiian shirts then you want to check out the style and size options. This is the most fun part of shopping online is browsing the different aloha shirt selections to find colors, patterns and sizes that fit your lifestyle perfect. When picking a style think about the colors that you like to wear along with what looks good on you. Next consider what occasion the new aloha shirt will be worn such as a wedding, luau, pool party, beach party or just everyday casual wear. Weddings and theme parties may dictate the aloha shirt contain certain colors or elements to fit in with the theme.Sizing Up Aloha ShirtsOne of the most important aspects of shopping online for clothing is ensuring the attire will be the right fit. You should check any online shop for sizing information so you know how to measure yourself. Usually you can take the sizing numbers and compare them to an existing shirt you have to determine the best size to fit you. If you have any concerns or are not sure about the sizing give customer service for the Hawaiian clothing store a call to confirm proper sizing. Talking to an actual person will help you make a decision and usually boosts your confidence to order from the online shop.Arrival DayOnce your aloha shirt arrives in the mail you will be very excited and may end up acting like a kid on Christmas morning. It is common to open up the package and want to wear the shirt immediately. This is a good sign that you picked the right Hawaiian style but before you go out check the clothing for craftsmanship. You want to check that there are no loose strings or pattern abnormalities. Quality Hawaiian clothing stores only sell top of the line attire and rarely have defective merchandise. Occasionally even a great online store may accidentally send out less than perfect clothing. In this situation it is important to contact customer service immediately; usually you will get a replacement at no extra charge. Some even expedite shipping since you already waited for your shirt once. If you get any type of hassle over something not looking correct or not being the right fit you should consider getting a refund and shopping at a reputable online store for your aloha shirt and Hawaiian clothing needs.